About Us


Gary's Seasoning is a small family owned business based out of Oak Hills, CA. They offer six blends of seasoning, including two salt free blends and a barbecue rub. All of their blends are made with all natural ingredients, MSG and gluten free, and the blends that contain salt are made with sea salt. They currently offer their seasoning on this website, at some local shops in Southern California. They also love meeting with their customers at local farmers markets and events.



Gary's love of cooking was initially inspired when he began working at "Tiffany's" restaurant in 1971.  Although he started as a dishwasher and busboy, he slowly spent more time working in the kitchen under the watchful eye of Steve Valdez, the main Chef for the restaurant.  Time passed and as Tiffany's chef, Gary was cooking up and serving almost 300 dinners on any busy night.  Gary prepared several kinds of meats, sea food, soups and some tasty cheese bread. 

Nearly six years ago, Gary created his first batch of all purpose seasoning.  It was trial and error, until he was satisfied with the flavorful blend of spices he now uses.  In addition to his Original Blend, he has produced a spicy seasoning, for those that prefer a little "heat" on their foods and labeled it "Hot for Mama" blend.  Today, when the party is at our home, you only have to follow the aroma of the smoky Bar-B-Que to find Gary, his friends and family. As usual, the Bar-B-Que will be filled with any kind of savory chicken, beef or pork seasoned his scrumptious all purpose seasoning and some type of appetizer, all lovingly hand prepared in large portions.

As you may know, behind every successful man is a loving family.  That is exactly what Gary has.  His wife, two daughters and sons-in-law have supported him with ideas, suggestions and technological inspirations.  Their energy and enthusiasm are a wonderful resource as well as creating an enthusiastic foundation for "Gary's Seasoning."



2013 National BBQ Association Awards of Excellence
2nd Place for Cajun Seasoning - Gary's Hot for Mama Blend
4th Place for Cajun Seasoning - Gary's Too Hot Salt Free Blend

2014 National BBQ Association Awards of Excellence
3rd Place for Mediteranian/Jerk/Herb Seasoning - Gary's Sweet for Mama Blend
4th Place for All Purpose Seasoning - Gary's Original Blend

2015 National BBQ Association Awards of Excellence
3rd Place for Southwest Seasoning - Gary's Sweet for Mama Blend
5th Place for Barbecue Gift Pack - Gary's Seasoning Essentials 4 Pack