"Our son Henry (age 12) loves to put Gary's Seasoning on his shrimp before adding it to his Gumbo!"
- Molly Widdicombe

"We use Gary’s Seasoning on everything. Most recently we used Hot for Mama on fresh trout from the Owen’s River. Season the inside and outside and pay fry! Delicious!"
- Lee Coogan

"As an avid BBQ man I have tried many seasonings and have to say I'm a Montreal man most of the time until I tried Gary's Seasoning. This stuff is great on anything! I grill vegetables with olive oil and I spread the Gary's Seasoning on with GREAT results... Now I'm not usually a one seasoning guy, believe me I have the Lawry's, Tony's, Montreal, Trader Joe's, and many others, but this stuff is GOOD."
- Dave Burescia

"This seasoning has a UNIVERSAL / EHANCMENT taste - meaning it's not just for one food catagory (apply to meat, vegtables). My son love's it when I put it on his salads... Once you've tried it - YOUR HOOKED!!!"
- Davida Tate

"Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the ‘forbidden tofu’ because of its nutritional values and I was surprised how the flavors of the seasoning were able to marry with the tofu. If you have cooked with tofu you know that it takes a bit of experimenting to get the recipe just right. I made a stir fry with the tofu and Gary’s seasoning and it turned out so good. Gary’s Seasoning is the perfect edition to any meal."
- Nina Marana of "Ask Ms. Recipe"

"I was absolutely taken back by the phenomenal taste your seasoning provided for our food. I have put it on potatoes, popcorn, fish, steak and a block of cream cheese for dipping. AMAZING! Thank you for providing such a tasty blend that makes me seem like a wonderful cook."
- Vanessa Valdovinos

"We love the original on pizza and garlic bread. We love that seasoning!!"
- Debra Duncan

"I try out loads of seasoning, rubs, and barbecue sauces. Now and then one really stands out, and Gary's Seasoning was one of those. In fact, my jar lives on the back of the stove along with the salt and pepper as one of my kitchen and grilling staples."
-Cyndi Allison of "Yes You Can Grill"